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In the old days, when something didn't feel quite right, we went out and bought stuff, whether we needed it or not.  Or we got a cute puppy or a kitty, or kissed someone, or read a great book with a glass of nice wine to accompany the flow of words.  At the end of the shopping spree or a journey ...
Frank and Sharon Alters asked on a recent blog of mine if there’d be a before and after on the Chris Olsen project we just finished, so here it is.  Instead of just bragging, although we are very happy with this site, I would like to use this as an illustration of building a site interface that w...
There has been quite a bit of discussion lately, yet again, on plagiarism and content theft and the like.  People tend to handle this sort of thing differently, if and when it happens to them.  I’d like to let you all know how I will handle it, should I find our work or content in places where it...
  Note: today is Jon Zolsky's birthday.  He happens to be my dad.  This small tribute is one of the few ways I have of saying Thank You. When I was little, I thought that trees made the wind that made them sway just so, and when the black silhouettes of birds, outlined sharply against the red of ...
  Seven questions you NEED to ask your provider, before you purchase your new real estate website: In comments to one of my recent posts, the discussion took off in the direction of control and ownership of design and web materials, so I thought I’d address the issue of ownership as well as a few...
  A highly commented on post by Iran turned into quite a discussion on whether or not it’s worth it to pay for professional services.  Karen Rice in a comment to all affiliates or vendors suggested that we provide our services to agents based on the same business model they operate under, i.e. we...
This was a year of transitions.  I moved back to New York, with my then 7 year-old that I had spent too much time apart from over the last two years.  College was in New York, and I couldn’t quite make it alone between 24 credits a semester and a full time job, so he stayed with my parents 1,200 ...
Predictably, as the year is winding down, people who are in business for themselves are making those all important business plans for next year, analyzing what they could have done better or shouldn’t have done at all, and making all sorts of New Year’s resolutions.  Nothing wrong with that.  We ...
Wanted to share a few recent projects we did with my Active Rain peeps.  Feedback, of course, is appreciated.   Charlotte-eba.com for Julie Tuggle.  She’s had her old site since the early 90s or thereabouts, and while it was loaded with content, it was a difficult to navigate, outside of it bein...
a fotnote: On the fifthieth anniversary of Harper Lee's classic.  The story that inspired this blog belongs to Pierre Tristam of FlaglerLive.com - and can be found here.   “Fear picks out objects in the dark And guides a moonbeam to an axe...” -  Anna Akmatova wrote this long before her only son ...

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