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A Southern California Coastal agent's perspective on real estate and other things that interest me! Based in Laguna Beach, Real Estate is my passion.
 Happy Valentine's Day  No pearls of wisdom here. No clever analogy about how loving our clients can lead to more sales and referrals (of course they can.) Nothing about how loving our fellow agents can result in smoother transactions (but then again....). I'm not planning to mention that loving ...
Types of Mortgages When our parents were buying their first home, there was one way to finance the purchase. They went down to the corner bank and asked for a 30 year mortgage. That was it. It was common to stay in the same house for the entire 30 years and they celebrated the final payment. It’s...
 Tips To Finding The Down Payment For Your New Home Are you thinking about buying a new home? Gone are the days of 100% financing with zero down payment. So if you are not sitting on a pile of cash, the idea of finding the money to pay the down payment might feel daunting. But there are simple wa...
  Can Social Media Lose You The Sale? Yes! Real estate professionals have jumped into the social media marketing pool. Listings, open houses, articles...just some of the ways they are staying in front of their potential clients. While we all know the power of a social media strategy, it's equally...
10 Ways To Protect Your Home And Family While Your Luxury Home Is On The Market Listing your luxury home for sale is a big step. Most homeowners in the higher-priced brackets also own higher valued possessions. They have a higher net worth and must take safety and security even more seriously tha...
It's All OK Now - Next Stop, Wedding This beautiful girl will be my newest daughter-in-law this summer. Actually, she already is because she and my daughter are registered as domestic partners.But in July, we're having the formal ceremony and epic reception!But the last couple months have been to...
 My Crystal Ball Didn't Work - Rejected I was so proud of myself, I was Johnny-on-the-Spot with my entry into the Crystal Ball Contest. Even got an atta-boy from Praful about my prompt work. I happily placed my blog post in the Contest Group and moved on with my day!I was feeling pretty good....t...
 New Year Blues or All Fired Up?  Have you ever thought about the poor schmucks who wake up the first "work" day of the new year and think....I'm exhausted? Imagine how much harder it is when all you see is the "fresh start" posts and the "just do it" comments. Whew....I'm tired just thinking abo...
 Is It Time To Trim Your Nails? Stay with me, this is going to make sense. I've been enjoying all the New Year's posts about plans and goals. They are very inspiring to me. One of the themes is keeping in touch with prospects and serving them....but can you do this too much? I try to stay very we...
 Ah...The Crystal Ball How many times a day am I asked to predict the future of real estate in my area. Family, friends...the lady in line at Starbucks behind seems everyone asks me what real estate is going to do in the coming week, month, year. Now even Active Rain is asking me via Pra...

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