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Positive thoughts and ideas about real estate and working through and with this changed market. Experience, education, service and results. That will be your win! Life is too short, enjoy yourself, everyday!
Wells Fargo has been sponsoring several workshops and seminars to help Realtors with their businesses in this market.  Today's was a workshop with Rick DeLuca.  It was held at the Crowne Plaza, in Cromwell, Ct.  About twenty minutes from Hartford. Breakfast and networking from nine to ten o'clock...
As I approached the store, this morning, I didn't realize that a Tag Sale was going on.  A young man greeted  me, as I entered the store, but, I thought he was just welcoming me to the store.  After I made my purchases, I discovered the Tag Sale, when I walked outdoors.  There are several entranc...
On this beautiful, autumn like day, Mass this morning was well attended.  The Mass was at 7:30am and most parisheners were on time.  However, due to the Manchester Oldies Car Show on Main Street, in Manchester, parking was a bit of a challenge.  Yes, at 7:00 am, they were already taking spaces, o...
Are you handy?  Maybe, you are a contractor who can rehab a house?  If so, this property is for you! Walk to Downtown Manchester.  Bus stops, nearby. It is a duplex with three bedrooms on each side, full basement and a small building  is included with this property that was a tailor's shop at one...
Yes, here we are, in the last quarter of 2011.  Time to start planning your goals for 2012.   Time to realign your budget for your business and for your home.  Reflecting on this past year, will offer you insight into next year's plan for success. Make a check off list, to be sure that you stay o...
Most of my clients come to me as referrals.  I do treat the with the same skills and procedures that I would, as if they came to me on their own.  They are provided a package of forms, marketing samples and banking information.  At my first meeting with them, I explain the relationship that I wil...
A recommendation, in real estate, is a compliment about your services, in writing. You just held together a deal that should have failed, six times!  Oh, yes, it happens.  In this market, it is happening more often and in more volume.  Working to keep your client at ease, while pulling your hair ...
Spending time, with your present, past and potential clients, on a social level, can be very rewarding for your business and your life. Online ~ You can invite them to join your Facebook Page, Twitter, your LinkedIn Site or any of your other social networking sites.  Actually, I do not link to lo...
In this economy, we are all trying to cut our costs.  While cutting costs is good for the budget, it can impact your business marketing.  If anything is cut out of my budget, it is not the marketing monies.  Selling that property needs exposure and skills. Here ia an idea that works well, yet, th...
Have you experienced a bit of hesitation with your scheduled closings?  I know that you cannot really depend on the written closing date in the sales contract.  In normal markets, this did happen, but not often. Today's market has many different reasons for the closing extensions.   Due to our re...

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