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Buying a Car Can Be More Expensive Than Buying a House! It's unbelievable, but true. In Livonia, MI, there is a total of 14 houses and condos that cost BELOW $40,000! The lowest priced house is a 2 bedroom, 1 bath, 625 sq ft house on a main road on the border of Redford. $19,900. There are many m...
What is That? October 2012 I've decided to keep my "What is That?" series going, but putting out at least one per month. Here's my entry for October... It looks a little angry, like we disturbed it during a recent showing. It's either stuffed or was just waiting to make it's move.
Overrated and Underrated. October 21, 2012 Overrated - Bottled Water. I love drinking water, but what about the chemicals in the plastic? Is it good, bad, indifferent? Also, I keep hearing that if you leave the plastic bottles of water in the sun/heat, the chemicals can leech out and into the wat...
Strangest This That's Happened To Me In Real Estate, So Far. I received my real estate license in the Spring of 2005. There have been a lot of ups and downs odd happenings over the years in my real estate career, but the strangest one that comes to mine is... I was a fairly new agent, trying to f...
It's getting toward Christmas time, and you really need to think about what your goals are going to the mall. This is a blog that explains the do's and don't of shopping at the malls around Christmas time. Let me know what you think! Eric...  Surviving the Malls Around Christmas Time! 1. Park dee...
Photo or No Photo, THAT is the Question! I just read something on AR that stated "remove your photograph from your marketing materials. It makes you an unwanted guest and people unconsciously form opinions based on your photos." Do you currently use a photo? Will you eliminate a photo next time y...
Overrated and Underrated. October 6, 2012 Overrated - Blocked Calls. Look. If you're calling me at home or on my cell and my screen says "Blocked" or "Unknown," chances are I'm not going to answer. Make sure you leave a message and maybe I'll call you back. Underrated - Post Season Baseball. Fine...
Today's Email Scam. 10-3-2012 Wow, this is a good one. The scammers are making it look like someone bought something at (in this case, a tv) and is having it sent to my name in a different state. Check out the screen shot of the email...   First clue that it's not real is that I wouldn...
Overrated and Underrated. September 29, 2012 Overrated - Pizza. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE pizza. It's just that because it's so tasty and easy to get, I think we just eat it too much. Maybe I'll go on a once a month pizza restriction. Maybe. Underrated - Getting your hair cut. I love getting my ...
Closing costs. Did you even know you had to pay closing costs, or did you think your down payment was all there was? Check out this blog by a friend of mine, Eric Proulx. If you have any questions afterward, contact me. I'll be able to help you out!The stakes in real estate transactions are high ...

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