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 Before buying your home in Brooklyn , or anywhere , it's important for you to have the foundation walls checked for cracks. I recently performed a home inspection in Bay Ridge Brooklyn, and while inspecting the foundation walls , I found some minor  cracks. This was no big deal since foundations...
Before you buy your next home in Brooklyn, it is very important to make sure the basement is dry. When I perform a home inspection in and around Brooklyn, I spend a lot of time in the basement. It's there where water and moisture will accumulate and cause all kinds of problems that can become ver...
Dry basements for Uniondale , NY home buyers is a very important condition to look out for before purchasing a home. It is important to have a careful and watchful home inspector examine the foundation walls and floors to detect any water or moisture intrusion. Water coming into the house can cau...
The borough of Brooklyn has many different types of houses, such as brownstones, limestones and tudors. The value of a home inspection for Brooklyn buyers, and even sellers, is priceless. Why? Most of the houses here are old, in some areas more than 70-100 years old. Maintenance, repairs and upgr...
Uniondale, NY Insect Inspection A Uniondale, NY home inspection is not complete without a termite and other wood destroying insect inspection. With the warm weather , termites are more active. These little guys can cause a lot of damage to the structure of a home, which could cost you hundreds or...

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