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Located in the heart of Manhasset NY, on the North Shore, sits the Americana. Well, it hardly just sits there, it SHINES as the premier luxury shopping experience on Long Island. It's stores run about 1 mile along a main road, and has upscale stores like Tiffany, Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, D&G,...
Here's a new Whale Tale and a bit of fun! If you peek, you probably can guess who inspired this version. Of Course it's the ever so popular Roger Mucci. Besides his sense of humor, many of us know him for his dedication and always inspiring ways to support the members of the Take It Off In The Ra...
Now here's a new Whale Tale, I've had in my head for quite some time. I've been inspired by so many Active Rain friends, and especially those whose works I consider to be creative and inspiring. Yes, all you STAGERS! But this one is extra special, cause as you see the characters and setting can o...
Builders are into the swing of spring, and as the weather is getting warmer, so are their CAT machines, as they dig, dig, dig! Next we’ll see concrete pouring, and framing with a bang, bang, bang! A house will erect in no time, and become a home in need of inhabitants. Make it yours!   This 4 Bed...
Ok, I know it's been a while, and believe me I know it's well overdue, but not without reason. Our very own Donna Foerster, won a small contest I had back in June of 2011. She was to choose the fairy tale to inspire #13 Whale Tale. Unfortuately, she was very sick, and hospitalized for 4 months. M...
ATTENTION ALL BOOK READERS, nows the time to get our fingers ready to turn pages, or fire up your Kindle or other on-line book reader. We've got a book or Two to start off the New Year!     First, if you like author Ann Patchett, (most know for her award winning book 'Bel Canto'), her newest book...
"I DO!" What does a Wedding Dress and a Buying a house have in common?   You set the budget. You choose one based on the right price. Often, the more expensive it is, the more it has to offer.   Look for one with the best fit!   You choose the details to your liking.   You consult with others for...
It has been long overdue since I've given you a new "Whale Tale". I have to say, I've had this idea and rough sketch since last June, but several things came up and prevented me from finishing it. In part, Donna Foerster, won a small contest with me to select the story/characters for #13. Being s...
I started this series out of a passion I have, to be creative, artistic, and entertaining to others. I've gotten so much support here in the Rain, and also with the contacts I have e-mailed them to, distributed them at Open Houses, or sent as printouts...now I just can't stop! Actually, I have an...
Here's the latest in my "Whale Tales" series. I've been covering different housing details, and target customs, here I wanted to capture a male character and inspired by Nick T Papppas and his friendly social ways, this one came to mind. Of course when looking for the perfect home he considers it...

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