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Put Your Spending Habits In A Deep Freeze!  Once you apply for a mortgage, put your spending habits into a deep freeze for the next 30 - 45 days, just until you close on your new home. An important factor you need to know about during your mortgage approval process is your active credit situation...
Even if all your ducks are in a row... When you apply for your mortgage pre-approval, understand that it's just the beginning of the paperwork and the watching of your ongoing credit.Once you find a home and write an accepted offer, that's when the mortgage approval process really gets in full sw...
When purchasing a property, is it worth getting a 1-year home warranty plan? I say "Definitely, YES"! Prior to a few years ago, home warranties were available for purchase, but weren't always selected, because sellers wouldn't always offer them. Now, in the Cincinnati Area Board of Realtors purch...
Be Aware Of Constantly Changing Mortgage Rules! Once you find a home that you want to call your own, the next important step is to make sure that your mortgage process is moving forward smoothly.It's just as important for you as well as your mortgage consultant to stay on top of things during the...
What is a FSBO?It's an acronym for: For Sale By Owner and it's pronounced (fizz-bo) As a new home buyer, it's important to understand the possible reasons that a seller is selling their property on their own as a FSBO. Here's a few: They may have little or no equity in the home and need to save m...
As the real estate and mortgage markets continue to recover, we are seeing more and more restrictions on lending to try and right the ship. One monster that started to surface way back in July of 2007 was the "Declining Markets" guidance sent out by FannieMae (Federal National Mortgage Associatio...
As you look at different homes, you're always wondering "is this going to be the one"?"Is this the home that I'll fall in love with and live in for many years?"Whether you've looked at 5, 10, 20 or more homes, you'll always wonder if you're picking the right property for you.One of the ways to he...
When you begin your home/condo search, here are 3 things you need to be focused on when viewing properties:Functionality of Floor Plan - Does the floor plan flow or is it choppy? Does it meet your needs? When you walk through a home, it's important initially get a feel for the home, because emoti...
The appraiser's role in the home buying process is to determine a value of the property for their client, the lender.   No, not for you, the buyer, but the appraiser is looking out for the lender's interests in the value of the property, because if something goes wrong and you can't make the paym...
The other day I asked one of my Preferred Service Team Professionals, Karen Bastian of American Family Insurance, the following question: "What are some things a buyer needs to know about making a decision on which homeowner's insurance policy to purchase for their new home?" Here's what Karen sa...

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