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Most real estate agents hold Open Houses on Saturdays or Sundays.Why? Because that's how everyone does it.I think it really depends on when prospective buyers look in your local market. I've heard that in Florida, many agents hold open houses on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, but in most areas, ...
Last week, I had an active client refer me to his sister and husband, who've lived in their home for 16+ years.  You could expect that there may be some updating needed.  (Actually, they did an excellent job in remodeling the kitchen and except for renting a storage unit for excess items and stuf...
As I sit here, we woke up this morning to a sparkling, winterland collage of snow and ice everywhere.  With over 100,000 homes without electricity and many streets covered in snow and ice underneath, it's best to stay put inside and call some clients today, who are probably at home too.We all, fr...
Are you afraid of FAILING?   Don't be afraid of failure!   In the past (and still sometimes today), I've been afraid of failure.    But I recently read about a new way to look at SUCCESS and FAILURE.   We all know it took 10,000 times before Thomas Edison invented the light bulb.  But what if he ...
Are you focused?   A better question may be: What are you focused on?   Are you focused on: -  achieving your goals? -  watching your favorite TV show every week? -  just enjoying your life? -  helping others?   There's no judgment being made here. Whatever you are focused on will happen.   'Lack...
Have you ever found yourself waking up and just wanting to roll over for a few more minutes?......or hours?   I know I have once or twice.  :)   We all have done it.   But it's important to have a reason to wake up in the morning.   Why do YOU wake up in the morning?   What's your WHY?   Why deal...
If you sometimes feel like I do that it's just going to be another day, it's important to remember what you want out of life and how real estate sales can get you there.  By working really hard when we have to, we can then play really hard when we want to.  My dad always says "The harder you work...
If you're not, then you need to ask yourself, "Who am I associating with?I recently attended a personal development training with Mr. John Gardner, a self-made millionaire from South Carolina and one of the co-authors of "Chicken Soup For The Entrepreneurial Soul" talking about the successful hab...
A "Pop Tart" is when a prospect calls you from an ad or sign and wants to see a property right away and you "pop up" without knowing anything about them. It's a potentially dangerous and/or time-wasting situation. Make a short list of 3 - 5 qualifying questions.Here's an example of some questions...

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