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Refinancing your home at a lower rate is very common among some homeowners. However, it is not always the right decision for everyone. Before you make the decision to refinance your home, it is important for you to put some deep thought into how this change will affect you. Here are four things ...
When you’re considering buying a new home, there are a lot of different tasks you need to check off the list. Getting a home inspection is among the items on the list; however, some people question whether they need the home inspections, or if it is one of those things that they can skip. Ultima...
Buying a foreclosure can be an intimidating process.  Will you be able to make better financial decisions than the previous home owner?  Will the house be a good fit? Although there are foreclosure horror stories, there are also plenty of foreclosure success stories.  By following the subsequent...
Is Your Home Ready For The Open House?   Open house, or the day when your home can be visited and checked by potential buyers, might be the most crucial day that a home seller must carefully prepare for. The first impression that your home would give to buyers can make or break your selling plans...
Architectural Trend #2:  Relaxation Architectural Trend #2: Designing for Relaxation Glamorous homes in the magazines and TV are impressive, but are they relaxing? The trend this 2014 in homes is choosing comfort and relaxation over glamour and size. Homeowner are now shifting towards simpler, wo...
Top 10 Trends In 2014 For Fort Worth Homes Spring is a season of change and new beginnings. Whether it’s a change in wardrobe, spring cleaning, or making some improvements to your home, spring is the perfect  time to make those changes for a better you this 2014. Are you looking for ways to impro...
Fun Facts About Fort Worth Texas - Whether you live in or have just visited Fort Worth Texas, there is a lot about this city you may not know. Here are some fun facts about Fort Worth Texas... Made the list for one of "America's Most Livable Communities" 16th largest city in the United States 5t...
Texas Real Estate Closing Cost Definitions Amortization Schedule – a schedule showing the principal and interest payments throughout the life of the loan. Appraised Value – the current value of a property based on factors such as area, location, improvements, and amenities. Appraisal Fee – cost ...
Between work, family and friends, your life can get messy in a hurry. Papers can pile up and things get lost (usually right when you need them!), making life a little more hectic. But no more! Now that smartphones have taken over, there are more and more apps to help you organize your life. Chec...
Home Cleaning Tips You Didn't Know About - When do you typically start your spring cleaning? Whether you do it all during the spring or throughout the year, here are a few home cleaning tips you didn't know about... 1. Clean as you go. Don’t leave all your cleaning for one day because that will ...

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