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Buying or Selling in the Las Vegas area - Las Vegas Real Estate News By: Dawn Barrier at HOMESMART ENCORE (702) 812-4550 s.65708 Las Vegas Real Estate News Blog - Housing Trends
Senator Harry Reid will be hosting a Home Foreclosure Prevention Workshop on Saturday, July 31, 2010 in Las Vegas.  During this workshop, homeowners will have the opportunity to sit down with a HUD approved housing counselor, as well as with their lender (if their lender is Chase, Wells Fargo, o...
By: Diana Olick  Read the whole article.....Homeowners Associations: The New Foreclosure CNBC Real Estate Reporter Thirty-four states allow for judicial foreclosures by HOAs, although the rules and redemption periods differ. The redemption period is the amount of time that a homeowner has to pay...
Diana Olick reporting that NACA claims 30% will get loan mods. Some have driven from Vegas and Cali hoping to get the mod done.   NACA Foreclosure Prevention Workshop  go to NACA website   Washington D.C. July 23 - 30 D.C. Convention Ctr Los Angeles, CA Sept 16 - 20 TBD Click here to sign-up Sacr...
This is something to consider when buying a home.  Which way does the house face?   How big are the windows?  Are the windows Low E? These are just a few things to think about. Here is an intesting article to read on the subject: Smart Design Creates Energy-Efficient Home By Jean PattesonRISMEDIA...
Seniors Embrace Aging in Place  Direct from RISMEDIA...Read the ArticleBy Jean Patteson....RISMEDIA, July 20, 2010--(MCT)--The new catch phrase among homeowners is "aging in place."Instead of selling their homes and moving into retirement villages or assisted-living quarters, a growing number of ...
 Movies in the Park in Las Vegas. See the Info Below for schedule and ck at The heat may keep you away for July   CENTURY 21 LAS VEGAS REAL ESTATE AGENT*CENTURY 21 SHORT SALE AGENT*CENTURY 21 REALTOR®DAWN BARRIER*Centennial HillsREALTOR®   SEARCH LAS VEGAS MLS         ...
The person who negotiates with a lender on behalf of a homeowner needs a license, either under NRS 645 or NRS 645F. In the case of a real estate licensee who maintains a license under NRS 645, that licensee must be part of a real estate transaction with the homeowner. Any other person - even an u...
APPROVED HENDERSON SHORT SALE - APPROVED SHORT SALE BY PENNY MAC HENDERSON SHORT SALE APPROVED in ....approx 8 weeks....and...had to get 2nd buyer as first buyer changed their mind...which unfortunately does happen often in Short Sales. Way to go Penny Mac-Thank you!               SEARCH LAS VEGA...
DOCS NEEDED For Short Sale•1.       Authorization form•2.       Hardship letter•3.       Mortgage Statement •4.       Financial Worksheet   •5.       2 months paystubs•6.       2 months bank statements•7.       2 years tax returnsIf you don't have these, I need a letter explaining why to present ...
It seems even more are choosing to walk away from their home, even the wealthy!  Many are still in denial. Although most will not be sympathetic or even care that the rich are walking away, but it gives us a possible indication of where things could be headed. Read the NYTmes article.... SEARCH L...

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Buying or Selling in the Las Vegas area - Las Vegas Real Estate Blog By: Dawn Barrier at HOMESMART ENCORE (702) 812-4550

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