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Home Maintenance suggestions, infrared (thermal) imaging technology, and lots of home maintenance ideas you can perform yourself at home.
  Houses can be tested for drugs just as simple as an individual gets tested. But...when you're purchasing a home, you're objective is not to pinpoint an individual drug user at this point in time. You want to test the actual components of the home to verify that the home is not contaminated wit...
  WHAT IS A GROUND FAULT CIRCUIT INTERRUPTER? These are receptacles that typically have the black and red test buttons on them (pictured above). GFCIs are found in outlets and service panels. They monitor the flow of current to and from appliances. If there's an imbalance in the flow, because of...
There are many home Buyers out there (today) that do not know how to maintain their heating system. I'd like to explain the procedures here at ActiveRain so that Realtors can supply this information or this link to their Home Buyer clients. I'd like to see homeowners become fully aware of what a ...
Lead - What is it? Lead has been mined, smelted, and compounded for thousands of years. Lead is a neurotoxin metallic element that was historically used in paint, gasoline and plumbing materials for many years. Lead was easy to work with for a variety of purposes, which is why mining and smelting...
                        Infrared electrical inspections are completely safe, fast, and very reliable. These inspections are non contact and can be performed at any time of the day without disturbing the occupants or shutting down the electrical supply to your home.Nearly everything that transmits...
One very important finding with thermal imaging would be wood boring insect infestations. It's crucial in locating any hidden Termite or Carpenter Ant damage much sooner than later. Colonies can become so catastrophic and cause expensive structural damage to your home without you even knowing it....
 Radiant heating systems are installed in many floors and ceilings of homes and businesses throughout Massachusetts. The continuous supply pipes for these systems are not visible and are unable to be monitored (on a continuing basis) in order to ensure that the piping is always functioning proper...
Moisture is the leading cause of costly building upgrades today. Scanning interior surfaces of your building can reveal excess moisture due to roof leaks, plumbing leaks, moisture entering your building at wall penetrations, leaks around windows and doors, locating hidden dampness under resilient...
There are a host of applications for infrared cameras and there are many issues (throughout the average building) that can be easily detected through infrared imaging.I'd like to post the many applications (one post at a time) that infrared imaging can be utilized in and then answer any questions...
  Even though the real estate market has slowed down quite a bit (compared to three years ago), Home Inspectors are getting more requests for infrared imaging than ever before. There are many home owners that are not familiar with IR inspections and I'd like to explain what infrared imaging is. N...

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