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Typically, married couples file their Income Taxes using Married Filing Joint status without any thought. For most couples, the combined tax burden of the household will be lower when using Married Filing Joint (MFJ) status vs. using Married Filing Separately (MFS) status, so it makes sense to do...
Last week we covered the general rules around reporting rental Real Estate activities on tax returns. This week we’ll begin to dive into more specific issues related to income tax reporting for Real Estate Investors, by covering the reporting of income on rentals. Today, we’ll cover income relate...
 If you owe the IRS, one of the most powerful enforcement tools of the IRS is the tax levy  Tax Levies include bank levies, wage garnishments, or other asset seizures. When taxpayer’s come into our Richardson, TX tax office and have received a Final Notice of Intent to Levy from the IRS, often a ...
There are times when I have taxpayers come into  Dallas, TX tax office, who are experiencing difficult financial times, often through no fault of their own. Perhaps they’ve had a death in the family, lost their jobs for an extended period of time, or have had medical issues which have put them in...
Investing in Real Estate has been a very effective way for Americans to build wealth. With rising real estate prices combined with low interest rates, it has become even more popular. Today, we’ll cover some of the topics that come up when taxpayers who invest in real estate come to our Dallas, T...
Big companies are known for getting all sorts of breaks, but when average people fall behind, they rarely receive help. When you owe back taxes, but can’t afford to pay them, then you may qualify for a special tax status known as currently not collectible.  If you’re approved for currently not co...
One of our most popular You Tube Videos is related to who is a Candidate for an Offer In Compromise to eliminate their IRS Debt.  Many taxpayers who come into our Dallas, TX tax office want to know if they qualify.  If you are not aware of the program, the Offer In Compromise Program allows quali...
Among the industries and professionals that my Dallas, TX tax firm works with include both Real Estate Investors and Real Estate agents. As independent contractors, real estate professionals often incur substantial out of pocket costs to run their business and those costs include the costs of usi...
If a Taxpayer has IRS Debt and it gets far enough through the collection process, eventually the IRS will send a Final Notice of Intent to Levy. This will be a different form depending on which section of the IRS is sending the notice, but typically, it is sent on a Letter 1058 or LT11, This a cr...
One of the most important services offered to Taxpayers in our Dallas TX Tax Office is helping Taxpayers who have IRS debt and don't know how to get out of the web of the IRS.  This is a video from a while back that summarizes what a Taxpayer needs to do if they have IRS Debt. 

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