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Really another great post from Tni. Wow this is getting out of hand with some of the lenders they need to open their eyes we need to change the systemShould You Get A VA Loan with Bank of America?   Are you aware that Bank of America’s policies deter offers written with VA financing from being ac...
Friday was a quiet day at the Auction. There were only 14 homes that were set for sale. Almost all were postpond a month and only two were sold back to the bank. Both homes that were sold appear to be tenant occupied
Friday was a busy day at the court house. The day started off with almost 66 homes set for sale on the steps of the court house. But as it began we had 5 cancelled sales and 50 that were postpond until some time in September. 3 homes were sold back to the bank and 7 were sold to investors. 
Todays sales at the court house were few and far between. There were over  23 homes that were set for sale today with only one home going back to an investor. To everyones suprise the home was located in Pebble Beach with the address of 1155 Lookout, the home sold for $602,633 with a value of onl...
Today there were 27 homes that we to go to sale. Three homes were cancelled and 21 homes were postpond to a later date, some until the end of August the rest until September. One home was sold back to the bank. Two homes were sold to investors. one home is going to be a rental the other home will...
Todays auction was really busy. Even though only 23 homes were set to go to sale today two were cancelled and only 12 homes were postponed to a later date. Four of the homes were sold to third partys. Another 5 homes were sold back to the bank. The ratios today have been higher then usaul.  
Today 18 homes were sent to go to sale. One home was cancelled, and two homes were sold to the bank. 14 of the homes were postponed to a later date. One home was sold to a third party.
Todays sales were very slim in Monterey County.  There were 74 homes that were sent for sale today. 8 homes were cancelled, 9 homes were sold back to the bank, and 2 were sold to third party. 55 homes were postpond to 09/01/2011.
Today's foreclosure auction was the busiest it has been in the past three weeks. Today there were 54 properties that were set to go to sale. Out of those 7 homes were cancelled, 7 were taken back by the bank, 36 were postponed for 08/29/2011 and 4 homes were sold to investors.
If a short sale is something that you may be considering then this is the year to start. The laws and benefits are on the side of the homeowner. The time to act is today  5 Reasons Why Now Is the Time For A Short Sale of Your California Home   1)      California Senate Bill 931 (SB 931) – This im...

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