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Known by her clients for her tenacity and perseverance, Bette “Bet” Gottwald blends up-to-the-minute technology with old-fashion customer service to keep her clients happy. When making a decision as important as real estate, contact Bet Gottwald.
This is a photo taken in 2003 while we were visiting my in-laws in Florida.  Mercedes is a Leonberger and was a medical service dog for my husband.  She would nudge Joe’s left knee, a signal that an epileptic seizure was about to happen, then he would take medication to prevent the attack.    Mer...
How true!
At one time we were all "newbies." Bob Crane has provided our community with directions on how easy it is to discover these new folks so stop on by to welcome them, and don't forget to place your comments on Bob's post. Lets Take a Little Time Away From the Blogging Frenzy of the Past Week to Wel...
The Farmers Open Air Market is in full swing at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex and Expo Center,  providing residents an opportunity to purchase locally grown food.   Hours of operation for the market are from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. every Tuesday and Friday until November. The market has over 20 ven...
This is the time of year in Central Pennsylvania we find plant leaves are wilting and failing to pollinate.   It is likely the problem is we are in smack in the middle of the “dog days of Summer.” Central Pennsylvania isn’t a stranger to summer temperatures in excess of 90 degrees.    In an avera...
As time flies by, memories become sparse and monochromatic.   Using snapshots found in boxes, taken by my parents, I’ve been able to reconstruct history of early days at Myrtle Beach.    Thankfully, I do have a Kodacolor memory of that time period in the 50’s, unprintable images of memory I can s...
We will not be posting for the next several days.  Storms rolled through several areas today which is not common in this vicinity.  There are several Guardian Angels in the area.  Personally, we are fine, but have concerns for others in the area.  
One of the best things we can do for our clients is to minimize surprises. There are many common occurrences in our market such as buyer demands, lowball offers, failed inspections, and low appraisals right before closing.  We prepare our clients for so many things because surprised clients have ...
There are plenty of opportunities to get your fill of fireworks in the Central Pennsylvania area this Fourth of July.   The Millersburg’s Riverfront Park annual celebration shoots off on July 3 at 10 p.m.  On July 4th the sky over Riverfront Park in Harrisburg will be filled with fireworks beginn...
Your  located in an upscale area of Mechanicsburg has been listed for two months, and there has been little interest even though priced slightly below market value.  The home was staged, painted, and is so clean, visiting buyers could eat off the floor.  But you ask “why has there been so little ...

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