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Sell Your Home From The Outside Filed under: Uncategorized - admin @ 4:10 pm Edit This Many sellers overlook the true value of curb appeal. Wow your potential buyers before they ever step foot in the house! 1. Add splashes of color. With every changing season, a landscape should provide a new dis...
1. Don't Overspend on Furniture and RemodelingYou've just handed over a large portion of your life savings for a down payment, closing costs and moving expenses. Money is tight for most first-time homeowners - not only are their savings depleted, their monthly expenses are often higher as well, t...
While the market continues to struggle, homeowners are faced with an important question: Is a home remodeling project worth it? It's worth it when it makes life more comfortable, convenient and aesthetically pleasing for the homeowner-especially if the homeowner plans to be in the home to enjoy t...
RISMedia just posted an article regarding Net Zero Energy Homes. Check it out! GE has announced that by 2015 it is developing a turn-key product portfolio that will empower consumers to build - both new home builders and existing homeowners - to efficiently consume, manage and generate electricit...
Avoid these 8 common mistakes made while shopping for houses, and you'll have a much more enjoyable time finding your home-sweet-home.    Mistake 1: Falling in love with a house you can't affordOnce you've fallen in love with a particular home, it's hard to go back. You start dreaming about how g...
The quickest way to freshen a piece of furniture and lift the spirits is through fabric. Fabrics are a way to set the mood of a room. While many would think such a task should be completed by a professional upholsterer, if it's a smaller project... tackle it yourself. It's easy and affordable! Wa...
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When the easy money was flowing, you could get a great deal on a mortgage from just about anyone. But in today's credit-challenged world, all the avenues for finding a mortgage come with their own set of problems. Many banks have tightened lending standards and scaled back offerings. Some banks a...

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