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      Do you ever dream of the future and how to make it better, easier or just more affordable?      How about  a holographic room located in the real estate office to allow individuals to tour properties by viewing a 3-D hologram.   No more need to drive from location to location.  Ultra-cool, ...
   Recently commenting on the featured blogpost:If your technology isn't saving you money, maybe you aren't using it right...   I commented:I love technology, but there is a nagging song that plays in the back of my mind, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhNM2K8cmU8   (That song really scared me wh...
      During these interesting economic times, what is the future of real estate?  With foreclosures on the rise, this means that many foreclosed on home-owners are now marked for years to come making it difficult for them to purchase properties through conventional-style mortgages.  What can be ...

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