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I spent a short 30 minutes on Saturday, doing the "right thing" with my consumer electronics which had piled up in my basement over the years.  I have not wanted to dispose of, especially throw into the trash.Then I learnt about FILE13.  And soon after paid a visit with a car load of old computers.  Recycling ComputersFile13 is in Verona, just near Madison Wisconsin, They will arrange a pickup, but I am close enough and interested enough to take a field trip. Like anything good, there is a cost, (about $25 for a full computer and printer) or it can be by the pound.  They also take computers from charities. The operation in Wisconsin is very simple, they simply load piles of components onto pallets, piled up to the semi's roof (12 ft i think) and ship it out to their processing plant in ...
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By Laurie Logan, South Central WI Real Estate
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Verona 2008 Upcoming Events3/7:  Hawaiian Day with the "Stark Duo" at the Verona Area Senior Center3/8:  Deer Creek Game Feed3/22:  Easter Egg Hunt3/29:  Verona Area Performing Arts Series-Toxic Audio4/18:  2008 Reddan Spring Shootout4/26:  Verona Area Performing Arts Series-The Piano Men              East View Heights Garage Sale              Military Ridge Garage Sale5/1:    Salem Church Women's Guild Salad Luncheon5/3:    Verona Little League Opening Day             VACT Children's Theater Presents Annie Junior                                 (Verona Area Community Theater)5/10:  City-Wide Garage Sale              Verona Area High School Plant Sale5/19:  Verona Little League Golf Outing, at Hawk's Landing Golf Club.5/24:  Goodman Aquatic Center Opens for Summer Season5/26:   Memorial...
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By Real Estate Guy in Madison, Wisconsin, Real Estate Guy
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We just got dumped on.  Yes a foot or so, with drifting so that we had snow 4ft deep outside our front door.Some fun and slight inconvenience, so long as you don't have to go anywhere.Lots of white stuff!!What a winter.  I've just seen we are 2.5 inches away from an all time record winter snow season in Madison WI.  75 inches. (the record is 77.5).  and about double the average annual dusting.We also had 19 days of at least 1 inch and 6 days of six plus inches. Excuse me, I must put another log on the fire and snuggle up for the night!! 
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By Real Estate Guy in Madison, Wisconsin, Real Estate Guy
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Well this has been fun.  As Christopher is growing, we are getting into all these funny traditions, like carving pumpkins and dragging your kids around to ask for candy, which would then make them sick or hyper, or both.  What a strange tradition? I always thought, ever since I arrived on these shores some 15 years ago.  Well, you could say that this year I have learnt it is not quite like that.  So we carved pumpkins and we got dressed up. we were actually able to get Christopher into a costume with the threat of no costume, no trick or treat.  do you recognize Blues Clues a PublicTV character. We picked up his friend,  dracula and the two set off to capture as much candy as possible.Boy are they good.   They filled up those little pumpkins in an hour.  They have no sense of guilt aski...
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