Garfield (Seattle, WA)
By Ryan Rose
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Garfield Seattle Washington Real Estate Garfield Seattle – Single Family Homes There are 998 single-family homes in Garfield Seattle. The average home in Garfield Seattle was built in 1926. The average size of a home in Garfield Seattle is 2103 square feet with three bedrooms and one bathroom. There are 399 single-story homes in Garfield, 384 homes that are one and a half stories, 186 two-story homes and only seven homes that are two and a half stories or taller. There are 846 homes in Garfield Seattle that have basements. The average size of a basement in Garfield Seattle is 846 square feet. There are only 63 homes in Garfield that have garages. The average garage in Garfield Seattle is 272 square feet. The average home in Garfield Seattle has been owned for 6.9 years. Of these homes, ...
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