Lake Wenatchee (Plain, WA)
By Geordie Romer, Serving Leavenworth, Lake Wenatchee, and Plain
(Windermere Real Estate / NCW)
I got an update from Lake Wenatchee State Park about work they are doing this winter. They have had a tough time keeping equipment running and dealing with all the wind storms this winter. Rick Halstead, the Park Manager writes:   If all goes as planned with the contract loggers and the weather, the South Park area will close as early as January 25th due to our forest thinning project.  The area will be closed at the gate and no pubic entry allowed due to hazardous logging activities.  The closure will likely last for several weeks - - no sledding or camping will be offered by the state park during this time.  Thinning operations should be complete in the North Park in just two or three more days. Right now the contractor is "cleaning up" the 1-2 k of ski trails which were messed up by ...
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