Whitmore Glen (Olympia, WA)
By Mike Conner
(City Realty, Inc. - Olympia, WA)
Whitmore Glen Olympia WA: Affordable Luxury Homes The real estate in highest demand around Olympia always seems to be the hardest real estate to find. For years now clients have asked me why there don't seem to be any affordable new homes near Olympia High School. Well apparently I wasn't the only one getting that question. Local builder Rob Rice, and his Gemini Corporation, also had a sense of the high demand for affordable new homes near Olympia High School. His latest project, Whitmore Glen, aims to satisfy that demand. When you take a reputable local home builder & a prime location, and combine them with high quality materials, design & craftsmanship you end up with a community that people can be proud to live in. When asked about the vision behind Whitmore Glen, Rob Rice offered th...
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