Park Pointe (Issaquah, WA)
By Mary Cruz & Team, Real Estate Professionals
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Park Pointe Neighborhood Homes in Issaquah WA Find Homes for sale in Park Pointe Neighborhood in Issaquah WA.  The Park Pointe neighborhood is located east of the center of the city of Issaquah, on the base of Tiger Mountain near Issaquah High School. The city of Issaquah approved in 2011 an agreement to protect 101 acres of forested land east of Front Street South, appropriate land use is public or private open space. And, according to the agreement the entire subarea should remain undeveloped to fully protect the sensitive lands and mitigate impact to the natural environment. As a result of this agreement, residential development in Park Pointe is scarce and carefully planned to maintain the area’s natural beauty. The few residential developments of the area are located along the edg...
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