Occoquan (Woodbridge, VA)
By Cindy Jones, Pentagon, Fort Belvoir & Quantico Real Estate News
(Integrity Real Estate Group)
Though there are harder hit areas along the east coast of the US from both Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee, Northern Virginia hasn't escaped the rath of the storm.   This morning I decided to head out to take a look at Occcoquan River to see how she was faring with all of the rain. The historic Town of Occoquan was flooded last night from Balliwick Creek (not the river itself) overflowing but fortunately this morning the water had receded from the streets.  However the Occoquan River is still raging and with it still raining everyone is on high alert.  Watching the Occoquan River raging was a reminder that when water rises it knows no boundaries and if you are in the way it won't stop for you. Hope all my Active Rain friends up and down the east coast are safe as we wait for the ...
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By Peggy James, Woodbridge Virginia Area Real Estate Specialist
Right In The Middle of An Ordinary House Hunting Trip. I realized that the purchasers I was working with could not agree on style and size. When they found the front they liked, the inside didn't match their expectations. That's when I said " would you two just humor me". I said, I know the market well, and I know where your house is.   Watch the video to learn how I was able to help them.    To view more information about this home visit ML#PW7514111   Another  posts you might like: Are You A Shallow Home Buyer? Learn How To Set Up A Custom Search-Home Finder System Or Visit Our Youtube Channel "We Know Woodbridge Virginia and surrounding area's! Do You Need Help?  "     Have a question? Let's talk contact me by email  or call 703-851-3085. Contact Peggy James or Erick Blackwelder  of ...
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