Carillon (Richmond, VA)
By Shane Lott
(Lott Realty Group at Rashkind Saunders & Co.)
The Carillon in Richmond, VAFor my first few years in Richmond, I avoided making reference to the Carillon simply because I wasn't sure I was pronouncing it correctly. Was it Care - a- lon or was it Car-rill-ion?  And of course none of my friends knew either. We'd just refer to it as the "other side of Carytown" or "that neighborhood near the big bell tower."  So as I began to make some friends in that neighborhood, I would discretely pull them aside and ask them for their pronunciation.  After I felt I had surveyed enough people, I was comfortable with the correct pronunciation.  Now that we've gotten the pronunciation out of the way, let's talk about this great neighborhood tucked away within the City of Richmond, VA.  The Carillon neighborhood is basically to the west of Byrd Park an...
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