Laurel Lakes (Glen Allen, VA)
By Lane Midgett
(1776 Real Estate Group Richmond, VA Local Expert )
                                  Laurel Lakes Laurel Lakes in Henrico County is both a Townhouse community as well as a condominium community. A townhouse is described as one of a row of homes sharing common walls. Differing from condominiums, townhouse ownership does include individual ownership of the land. There can also be common elements, such as a central courtyard, that would have shared ownership. A condominium is described as: one of a group of housing units where each homeowner owns their individual unit space, and all the dwelling share ownership of areas of common use.           These units normally share walls, but that isn't a  requirement. The main difference in condos and regular single homes is that there is no individual  ownership of a plot of land. All the land in a...
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