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By Kathy Fuhriman
(Bear River Valley Realty)
Hi…Wanna be my friend? BFF’s even? I am really friendly.  Why I just might be the best friend you may ever have. See…I actually do care about you. There are lots of people who claim to be your friend. But who besides your REALTOR really has your back?  I will take care of you in sickness and in health.  You can place your full trust in me to take care of the largest financial investment you will ever make.  Place it all on MY shoulders.  Many professionals choose to just play the lurking friend role on their Facebook profiles (several blogs and webinars suggest this as well) and I have done that as well. But this week I decided that I am doing myself a disservice and a disservice to my “friends” by being a lurker. The way I see it, this time is the most important time of all to be spout...
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By Alan Barker
(Boomerang Leads)
The real estate market in Tremonton is actually doing pretty well. Homes aren't selling quickly but when priced right they are selling. There are currently 75 single family home listings in Tremonton Utah. The median and average list price of these homes is around $196,900. Tremonton doesn't really have many high end homes, which is good as the high end market is struggling. The most expensive house for sale in Tremonton is priced at just $309,900. However, this median price is still about $30,000 higher than the median price of homes that have sold during the last six months when approximately 80 homes in Tremonton sold. Compared to most of Utah, this is a relatively healthy supply of real estate for sale. It's local market and economy haven't been affected much by the regional housing...
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