Jordan Commons (Sandy, UT)
By Larry O'Sullivan
In Search of Sun in Sandy UT Newscaster: When are we likely to see some Spring weather here in Utah. Co-Host: Probably not for a long while yet. (Mental note - will be great for visitors coming to ski The Greatest Snow on Earth) When the sun does break through it has no heat. Even serpents are found lying on sidewalks,hoping for warmth, but with tongues out to catch random snow flakes. This specimen belongs to The Mayan Adventure, a restaurant in Jordan Commons, Sandy UT. Clients are greeted by Jones Party's Mayan Adventure is about to begin. Depending on where you are seated for your chosen meal, you are enveloped by the decor (Jungle, birds, stone rooms, rockpools...) Put it on your list of places to see when you next visit Sandy UT. Meanwhile out on the sidewalk, the Serpents backed...
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By Larry O'Sullivan
Last Gasp of Winter? Pardon me for hurrying Winter along. It has been a long time since the first snows near the end of September. Winter has had its chance. Here we have had a foot of snow on the Valley followed by days in the 60s. Even this afternoon's photo at Jordan commons, Sandy UT shows sunshine and clear skies. Do I detect a show of color in the normally charcoal and white of mountains of the Wasatch Front? A sign of Spring? We can hope. There will be snow enough at altitude for a long while yet, enough to keep locals and visitor's happy. I leave my skiing attempts until Spring, feeling that Winter on the mountains is best viewed at a distance. Even deep snow is easy to tolerate when it is bathed in brilliant sunshine, for Spring sports. Ah sunshine! The return of Vitamin D. Li...
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