Kern Place (El Paso, TX)
By Rick Snow - Selling El Paso TX, Cool Deals on Hot Real Estate in El Paso, Texas
(EXIT West Realty)
  Tree lined streets with bungalow style homes nestled in between colonial style homes. Kern Place was one of the earliest "suburbs" in El Paso TX. Established in 1914, Kern Place takes you back to a different time. A time when things were simpler, slower and more relaxed. Walk the neighborhood and stroll around Madeline Park. If it weren't for the cars, you would swear you were back in the 1920s. The homes in Kern Place are old. They have plumbing issues, they have electrical issues. They sell fast! Quite often they sell for full price, or more! A lot of times people who want to buy a home in Kern don't even want to look anywhere else. If what they want isn't available, they will wait. So when something new comes up in Kern Place, you better be ready. Ready to move on a moments notice....
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