Traceside (Nashville, TN)
501 Leonard Ridge Court - Traceside - Nashville, TNĀ 37221 Do you buy a house by the pound? That's a trick question . . . A "Pound" in real estate lingo really is a "Square Foot" . . . and technically, a square foot doesn't tell you a whole lot about the house . . . It's just a measure of finished, heated living space in a house. In some markets (Atlanta), square footage is not even quoted in their listings. Here in Nashville, it is. What's the big deal? Sometimes Square Footage offers a competitive advantage as in: "You get more for your money by buying this house because it's only $106.23 per SF while others in the neighborhood have sold for $125.32 per square foot." What it doesn't say is that those other sales were smaller houses. There are other things that this square footage conve...
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