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By Fred Cope, Looking For Homes With A Smile
(Reliant Realty in Nashville, TN)
NASHVILLE, TAKE A MOMENT TO REMEMBER OUR FALLEN HEROES--OUR FREDOM IS BORNE OF THEIR BLOOD.  This Day of Memorial is about those who DIED in defense of our Liberty.  As many businesses have "Memorial Day Sales" and promote saying thank you to those of us veterans yet alive: hear us--TODAY IS NOT ABOUT THE ONES OF US WHO ARE HOME FROM WAR--it is ABOUT THOSE NEVER TO RETURN!!!  This is not a National Holiday to commerate the opening of the local parks and swimming pools; but to take pause of the price of Fredom.  Total US Casualties from the Revolutionary War to the current action in Afghanastan approximates  1,343,812 souls. To hear the current press reporting on casualties in Iraq, Afghanastan and Pakistan: one would assume the body counts are at all time highs.  Truth is: this is a lo...
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By Troy Charlton, There is a difference.
(EXP Realty)
Residential real estate sales in the Greater Nashville area are down 19% from 2009.  Investors are making up the majority of the sales that are taking place.  How long before we start gaining some momentum in the Nashville area with regards to real estate sales?  I am not going to predict.  Looking back over the last three years, most predictions of the "experts" have not come true.  So why would I even think to make a guess.  The only thing I do know is that people will make decisions to make large investments, such as real estate, when they feel like they are on solid ground financially.  When you feel like your job is here to stay and you feel like your savings has you where you need to be for a secure future, big financial decisions are easy to make.  When you fear these things are ...
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By Liberty House Realty LLC, Turning the American Dream into Reality
(Liberty House Realty LLC)
No its not!All this doom and gloom about the credit crunch and bursting of the real estate bubble would have you thinking that home prices are crashing, home inventories are rising, buyers aren't to be found, banks don't want to lend and we maybe in a recession. So, bend over hold on to your ankles because its going to be a bumpy ride!Ok...so I admit, most of the apocalyptic writings of the over zealous columnist and journalist are more accurate on this subject than not, it doesn't necessarily mean that real estate here in the Nashville area is as described on your national news network.Here in Nashville and the surrounding areas, we have seen home prices fair steadily. In fact, depending on the condition and location of the home, it isn't uncommon to even have multiple offers and end u...
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