Cleveland/mcferrin Park (Nashville, TN)
By Peter Bales
(Inspired Remodeling & Tile)
I get questions all the time about this historic neighborhood just West of East Nashville. Sometimes it’s even considered part of great East Nashville, but I won’t debate that here. I usually describe it as a transitional area on the rise. It’s full of historic homes from the early 1900’s, much like East Nashville. It has experienced a resurgence, which can be felt driving through the area and seeing the many freshly renovated homes. Many of the funky-chopped up rental homes are being somewhat restored back to the character-filled historic home that it once was. The area is named for the two parks in the vicinity, Cleveland Park and Mcferrin Park, of course. It’s bordered on the East by Ellington Parkway and on the west with Dickerson Road. An average renovated, ready to move-in home wi...
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