Providence Hunt (Phoenixville, PA)
By Randy Stopher
(Century 21 Arizona Foothills)
There is a word that I hold close to my heart, heck, it's at the core of my profession, I'm a Realtor. And Real-tor is the word. When you're sick, you don't go to see your Doc-ah-tor, you see your Doctor. Same with my profession; I'm not a Real-ah-tor, I'm a Realtor. Real Estate is my business, people are the glue that makes it all come together and I love using my skills to bring the results to fruition. For some reason, the circuitry in my brain focuses-in on the mis-pronounced word Real-ah-tor, and I'm amazed how many people use this Malapropism; they could be in the business or not. So, next time you are in need of a REALTOR, call me. And remember there is not a Doc-ah-tor in this house!
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