Lents (Portland, OR)
By Helen Hoyt, Portland Neighborhood Guide-Free Neighborhood Tour
(Portland Creative Realtors)
Portland has been building up and revitalizing it's neighborhoods - one by one!  It started with the inner city 10 or 15 years ago, and is slowly working it's way out. It's called Urban Renewal! And Portland has offered alot of unbelievably awesome help for homebuyers who want to buy in these neighborhoods! In fact, not many people know about these loan programs. I'd like to tell you about them. The Portland Development Commission along with the Federal Government- is offering to pay for 20% of your house...if you are a first time homebuyer and you are of median income and want to buy in one of it's Urban Renewal areas.  What does all this mean?  The specifics are on my website at www.PortlandCreativeRealtors.com  then click on 20% Downpayment Assistance Program. It will give you the gu...
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