Red Fox Hills (Lake Oswego, OR)
If you’re looking for some of Portland’s best hiking trails, head out to Tryon Creek State Park, and take along your dogs. They will be most thankful and you’ll get a wonderful workout. Or maybe you’ll stroll peacefully along the more level paths, not wanting to hike the hills. I’ve been tromping through this 670 acre park, which straddles SW Portland and Lake Oswego, for at least 25 years! I have the advantage of living a block away, so I head in, rain or shine (or snow sometimes), about 5 times a week with Ted, my pooch. That would be Ted’s walk of choice (the neighborhood streets don’t offer as many diverse smells). 8 miles of hiking trails keep us busy. Life gets mighty entertaining when we venture along the horse trails and come across one of those big beasts. The 3 mile bike path...
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