Aubrey Meadows (Beaverton, OR)
By Steve Roesch, PDX Home Group - A dynamic team who works for you
(PDX Home Group, LLC)
No matter how much the government tries to help, banks are still having difficulty making loans to the average homeowner. Eventually renters want to become buyers. And in this economy, the loan qualification task is becoming harder and harder for most renters. The more you save, the more the bank just raised the down payment requirement. The harder you work on fixing your credit, the higher the score is needed to qualify. A Lease Option is a way to still fix a price with a seller... rent the property... and still build equity. Eventually you will need a loan. But in a couple years, lending qualifications will be more lenient. And the money you have spent on deposits and rent won't all be wasted as fees. They will now be credited toward something. Your Home!
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