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By Todd Clark - Retired, Principle Broker Oregon
(eXp Realty LLC)
Are you an investor that buys property, fixes it up and then sells it again as quickly as possible? Let me show you why you are throwing thousands of good dollars down your brand new drain.First of all you bought the property for somewhere from 50-70% of the ARV. (After Rehab Value) This is a wonderful start. Now you will put 10-15% average in to the property to bring it up to 100% market value. This is where most investors make their mistakes and throw away thousands of dollars. It has been usually between 3-6 months since you bought the property and it is now ready to sell.But wait! You don't want to do this! I suggest you put it up for a lease with an option to buy at the end of 2 years. Here is my logic and why you should do this every time you buy a rehab property. By putting you r...
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