Fox Meadows (Medina, OH)
By Adam Spencer
On the surface, Fox Meadow Drive, Medina, Ohio, United States (StreetScore 73.06) looks like a normal kind of place. It's south of the center of Medina (CityScore 72.33) between Medina and Wadsworth (CityScore 83.73). The nearest big city is Cleveland (CityScore 59.94) to the north. The Fox Meadow neighborhood is built around a golf course and country club and there is an active home owners association (HOA). Given the current stresses in the housing and mortgage market, however, things are not as rosy as they appear in the brochures. There is growing unease and unhappiness in Fox Meadow about the strict rules of the HOA, the economic viability of the golf course and country club, the use of golf carts on the sidewalks and the collapse in property values. Read the full story on the Stre...
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