Englewood (Dayton, OH)
By Jenni Arnett & Jane Wheeler Team A & W
(Keller Williams Hometown Realty)
I have found that it is difficult to sell "Staging" to sellers. To me, it is no doubt the best thing a seller could do for their profit margin. Here is the situation. A house sits empty. Alone and deserted, the house fills with a musty smell. I feel when a potential buyer walks into an empty house, abandonment is the only thing that comes to their mind. Not the fact the home sellers are in a great situation where they are financially well off to move out of one home and purchase another before selling their old one. The move actually leaves the buyers with a moment of questioning when they first walk in. How can they change this house - empty and deserted - into a home where they can spend hours of time with family or friends. Walking into an empty house is slightly scary. The real esta...
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