Millcreek (Brunswick, OH)
By Mark Cassidy, Home Inspection Cleveland Ohio
(Crown Inspection Solutions)
                  (440) 521-5399 Mold in the attic can only get worst if you dont remedy the situation. I recently did this general home inspection last week were I encountered the bathroom vents improperly installed by the builder.   This home is roughly ten years old. The builder never properly exhausted the duct work for the ventilation system for the bathrooms. These vents should terminate to the exterior...not the attic.  In this picture you can see what can happen if you dont get these vents exhausted to the outside. Mold can start to grow because the conditions are ideal for the growth.   Contact us for your next home inspection: (440) 521-5399Visit us on the web at: www.OhiosHomeInspection.comAlso email us at: Mark@OhiosHomeInspector.comCrown Inspection Solutions20800 Center Rid...
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