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By Jack Gilleland
(Home Inspection and Investor Services, Clayton)
  Brookville, Ohio is growing community west of Clayton that has 5,289 citizens (as of the 2000 census).  It started as a general store, like many small suburbs of Dayton, established by Warren Estabrook in 1832.  In 1874 it was incorporated with a total citizenry of 425 people.   Brookville thrived due mainly to the railroad stop on the line between Dayton and Greenville. The Dayton/Greenville line was completed in 1852 causing business to spring up.    Brookville has recently built a new high school and prides themselves on the education of their youth.    The Brookville Blue Devils are an athletic program to respect in southwest Ohio.   Jack Gilleland   Home Inspection Services, Clayton   See us on Facebook
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