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Belpre, OH Community and Real Estate InformationBelpre is a lovely city in Ohio, situated near Parkersburg, West Virginia, along the Ohio River. The city is the 223rd largest in the state, with over 6,000 residents. It was the Northwest Territory's second settlement, and it has since grown into a lovely city with a total land area of 3.57 square miles. The city was founded by French animal trappers who settled in the region, and it has a long colonial history. Belpre comes from the French word "Belle Prairie," which translates to "Beautiful Meadow." With a combination of industrial and logistical warehouses in the city's central and western portions, the city now acts largely as a bedroom community for Parkersburg. Belpre has a wide range of architectural styles to choose from. There ar...
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By Nikki Byrd
(Byrd-House Inspections)
So many people see the field of home inspection as a "man's world", even today. I am enjoying becoming a part of the community seen as off limits for women. It makes me want to work even harder to be the best Home Inspector I can be! This is a great industry for people who like to learn - I learn something everyday. It's a wonderful way to meet people & bring satisfaction for a job well done. And as a woman, I feel I bring alot to this industry - my attention to detail, and especially my attention to child safety issues. Because first & foremost, I am a mother. I look at each home inspection as if it's a place that my child would potentially live. That gives me the perspective of helping to protect the family that buys that home, whether they have children or not.  I have completed the ...
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