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By Joel Reitman
(Daniel Gale Sotheby)
It seems that summer rentals have been on the decline lately. Well I am here to tell evryone that will change this coming summer, Why you ask well the stock market trend is up and those who summer will be more able to aford it. As we can see the high end real estate market lives on
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By Laurie Mindnich
uly 4th, 2007  One of the most difficult diseases for families to accept is Alzheimer’s Disease. It is also common enough to wreak havoc on the best of financial situations if denial is present. Having experienced it first hand with my Grandmother, I’d like to share an exceptional book that will guide you through the maze. Additionally, some pointers learned the hard way. The book is titled, “The 36 Hour Day”, authored by Nancy L. Mace MA and Peter V. Rabins, MD. Some pointers (learned the hard way, in my own experience): If behavior becomes odd- repetitive communication, name confusion (in our case, Grandma would answer the phone, “hi, LyLauriSu”- a combination of all of our names) start paying attention. Alzheimer’s creates a “void” in the memory bank. Just imagine a space in your bra...
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Authored by: Options Realty -Laurie Mindnich June 24th, 2007  While most of you may be aware of the term “staging”, many people aren’t fully aware of the process. We recently had the pleasure of a staging experience with ValAllocco, Owner- STAGED 2 SELL NY. She clarified it for us, and for our sellers. We’d like to share the info that we learned at this meeting. STAGING IS NOT EXPENSIVE. The staging consultation that we experienced was $200.00. For this, Val will come to your home and walks, room to room, making suggestions. This is done with the advice from her that there are two kinds of homes: YOUR home, and the “home that you want to SELL”. Two entirely different properties. STAGING IS NOT INSULTING. Val is completely aware that people live in their homes, and never expects to walk ...
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From the department of "You heard it here first", Southold's new waterfront property owners association is about to announce its new name and launch the new website. For a sneak preview, go to . Membership includes not only Waterfront Property Owners, also other Stakeholders, actually anyone interested in protecting Southold Town’s precious shoreline and marine resources. Potentially 2000+ members strong, already hundreds of concerned citizens have come forward to join their voices in favor of sensible, fact-based policies regulating our coastlines and waterways. Since the first meeting on May 19 2007, a core group has met several times to give shape to the new enterprise and is now working towards the adoption of a mission statement, prioritizing organizational object...
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By Joanna Lane
(Property Angels)
There's a grass roots effort gaining traction in the Town of Southold by waterfront property owners. Founded by John Kramer, the group has a working title of WPOCA, which is an acronym for Waterfront Property Owners Conservancy Association, although the name is likely to change with the formation of a non-profit organization. Discussions are currently taking place on a Yahoo Group (search WPOCA) and several Town officials have also joined the discussion group, notably Supervisor Scott Russell and Trustee Ghosio. The first physical meeting took place at Southold Town Rec Center last Saturday, where John Kramer rallied some 150 people with the help of an ad in Suffolk Times paid out of his own pocket and mailers by John Costello. With great enthusiasm, John Kramer outlined his vision of e...
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By Laura Cerrano, Certified Feng Shui Expert, Speaker & Researcher
(Feng Shui Manhattan Long Island)
I love what I do; I never know where my travels are going to take me (and I sure could use a GPS!), but I am always running into things I haven't seen before or seen in many years.  I was working out East on Long Island this past weekend, further than I usually like to travel but with speaking to this person on the phone, made a connection.  She had been in her house two years and she and her family had been having some health issues.I know, to some, that Feng Shui may sound ridiculous to help address health issues but it is not an unusual call for many consultants to get.  There ARE things that relate to health in your surroundings such as leaks in the house (they relate to blood flow in your body) and staircases.  Why stairs?  In some cases when the upstairs steps have the downstairs ...
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By Sean Stark
(Options Realty)
April 21st, 2007 It was dark, and the dogs needed a walk, so we set off. Just around the corner was a long, wooded street. There were no streetlights, so the feeling was eerie- akin to that childhood adrenaline rush when playing hide and seek with flashlights. A “Lions and tigers and bears” experience. We KNEW that we were being watched.To continue reading Is Reydon Shores Bayview's BEST Neighborhood?, please follow our link. 
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