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By Kenneth M Rossman, FL Certified General Real Estate Appraiser #RZ3504
(Appraiser, Ken Rossman)
Real Estate Appraiser Appraisals Franklin Square NY   I offer a somewhat short desktop (but still comprehensive) form type report which represents a significant cost savings over traditional narrative and even typical residential form reports, while essentially providing the same level of research, analysis and valuation methodology - presented in a logical, easy to understand format.  It is primarily targeted for non- (mortgage) lender type Real Estate Appraiser Appraisals Franklin Square, NY assignments.  This format could ultimately save you quite a bit of money, while providing essentially the same level of usable information necessary to help you make an informed decisions. My Format is suitable for many, if not most purposes (intended uses):  - to estimate (fair) market value or (...
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By Cheryl Uram, Realtor & Stager, Prudential Douglas Elliman (516)852-1604
(Prudential Douglas Elliman)
The recent quarter's market report is now available.  E-mail me to get you own copy.
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By Angela DiLeonardo, CBR
(Angela DiLeonardo Realty, Inc.)
Why no one want to do real estate any more? There is still a lots of money to make out there, yes even in this market.  Agents that lost they license or closed they business down, where really real estate professionals?  Because I'm a firm believer that a real estate professional do business even in bad times. There's always be someone that want to sell and someone that want to buy.
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