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  Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz's father and some other relatives flew into Las Vegas Nevada this evening, and they were very disappointed with DELTA AIRLINES. They flew in from Minneapolis Minnesota on Flight 1551 which arrived in Las Vegas at around 7:00pm Pacific time 9-2-2011. They mentioned to Vegas Bob that the Flight Attendants were plain rude, yelling at passengers, etc. One passenger asked a Flight Attendant for a glass of water for his child and they said no, also that they wouldn't be serving any beverages on a 3 hour flight. My father, sister and other passengers mentioned that the toilets were giving off a nasty odor like an "Odd-House" that hadn't been cleaned in weeks. My father even asked one of the Fight Attendants if they had some air freshener to spray in the toilets, the...
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 This morning a member of Activerain, a very good photographer asked me in a comment "what's with all the photos?"  I have been pushing my photographs because my new web site is up and running, there was a set back because my web designer was very busy and the site was suppose to be out 2 months ago.  Here is the URL for my new site:  There will be many photographs that will be added to the site and the inventory will be growing very fast.  With the Real Estate market a slow, I have decided to put some of my other talents to use. My Real Estate License is still active and ready to rock when leads come my way and I will not stop selling Real Estate for quite some time.  So in the mean time I will continue to push photographs of Las Vegas, Nevada in pursuit of getti...
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