Oak Park Lane (Blair, NE)
By Ardelle K. Wachter
(NP Dodge)
I moved to Nebraska in May of 2006 and arrived in a rain storm. It was just wonderful!I lived the previous 7 years in the Mohave Desert in Nevada. I watched and waited one year, it did not rain from October of one year to October of the next year. Lake Mead was dropping in water level minute by minute. You could feel your skin dry out and crackle and you wondered just how much reptile blood you really had, after all your skin was pealing and cracking and you moved quickly in the 112 degree heat that was relentless. 10-15% humidity is just too low. Besides take one look at a Joshua Tree forest and you realize that shade is a thing of the past.So here I sit and marvel at rain and realize that it supports the grass, flowers and trees that I so love! So I LOVE the RAIN!
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