Mordecai (Raleigh, NC)
By Michael Mclaughlin, A Tradition in Trust
(The Real Estate Junction)
The Mordecai subdivision is by far the oldest neighborhood in the Raleigh, NC area. The Mordecai neighborhood derives its name from a plantation owned by the Mordecai family. In fact, it was the biggest plantation in the area during the 1800’s. Several centuries-old trees still stand in the area. Mordecai was developed in the years following World War I when much of America witnessed a building boom. Many of the streets are named for the many varieties of trees found in Mordecai and the surrounding neighborhood. Historic Mordecai House, one of oldest houses in Raleigh, NC, stands right in the middle of the neighborhood. Amazingly, this house still stands on the same foundation, which is over 220 years old. Another attraction in Mordecai is the Mordecai Historic Park, which encompasses s...
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