Taberna (New Bern, NC)
By Homer Ray, Eastern NC Homes
(Eastern NC Homes)
Taberna, New Bern, NC., the excitement of a new home! Yesterday was the day it all came together. I had the pleasure several weeks ago of meeting a relocating military family from California.  They were coming to MCAS Cherry Point and they decided to use me to help them find a new home.  As their "Buyers Agent" I helped them negotiate the price, terms, repairs and other items that always come up in a real estate transaction. It was lots of fun, challenging, frustrating and rewarding. On April 20th at 3:00 pm we were in the law offices of Steven Bell, in New Bern going through the closing process in North Carolina.  Papers were signed, business, tax and legal issues were discussed and then a single key was slid across the table to the new owners of a beautiful home in Taberna, a great ne...
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