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By Robin Sargent
(Olde Town Brokers )
Come visit Nantahala “Nantahala” is a Cherokee word meaning “land of the noon day sun,”Here are a few reasons why we think you should visit Nantahala!   Reason # 1 - Lake Nantahala Lake Nantahala is a lake located in Macon County, NC and is considered one of the most pristine pure lakes in the southeast. Built in 1942, Nantahala lake has over 30 miles of shoreline and an average depth of 100 ft. Lake Nantahala has an elevation of over 3000 ft and an average temperature in July of only 86 degrees. The cool water provides excellent conditions for fish that include trout, bass, catfish, walleye crappie, sunfish, and even freshwater salmon! Lake Nantahala is the only lake in North Carolina to have Kokanee Salmon. Lake Nantahala is a perfect spot for those who want seclusion without having ...
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I have specialized in wild trout stream, secluded properties.  I have extensive knowledge of the surrounding areas for the past 25yrs.  As past president of the Rainbow Springs river association and realtor ,  I can accurately state the following  relevant to the Rainbow Springs area:   Recent average price for Macon county side river/lake lots per acre has been 120K+ range.  The average price for clay county river front only is 50K per acre and river/ lake property 90K The average cost for building square footage to be $125.00.  Add 30K for site prep, well and septic.  These costs reflect depressed market and were higher several years ago.  The remoteness of the area drives up sq ft costs.  I speak from experience.  Consider that contractors spend over 1 hr per day just on drive time ...
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A little known area above Lake Nantahala where the Nantahala river flows into the lake is an awesome area for fly fishing.  It is known as the Rainbow Springs area, which is located above the Nanatahala Lake.  It is a remote area, surrounded and  bordered by 5+ miles of national forest.  It's not well known,  but this part of the river actually has its own salmon run during the late fall!  (bet you didn't know that)  The fish exit the lake and run up the river to an wilderness area known as the "standing Indian" area.   I have listings of properties that are only on  the river and some properties that have both lake front and river front because they are located right where the river and lake meet. (lakefront/riverfront is a totally unique value ) These are all located in a protected lo...
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