Malmstrom AFB, MT Real Estate News

By Kelly Parks, M.S., Broker/Owner
(Paris Gibson Realty)
Happy Holidays!!!! The weather outside was frightful - 31 degrees below 0 Fahrenheit.  Today it was 18 below at 5 am at my stable and by 7 am it was 9 below.  By noon it was 35 degrees above and delightful.  Welcome to Montana!!!  We love it here!!  The people are nice, no traffic to speak of and super schools for our children.  We even have a Starbucks - and they finally got savory foods in too!!  We have hundreds of parks in town.  The city is very well lay-ed out.  Paris Gibson the founder of Great Falls was certainly talented.  We have trees and great historic homes too. I bought the founder's mansion in June and am still in the process of bringing it back.  It was built in 1890 on millionaire's row by William Roberts - a prolific builder in the era.  Paris Gibson's wardrobe trunk w...
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