Bridger Canyon (Bozeman, MT)
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The “M” Trail and the Drinking Horse Trail attract a host of daily hikers, trail runners, bikers and other outdoor enthusiasts. Bridger Canyon Road is also one of the more beautiful and fun biking roads in the area. As the area’s popularity has increased, Bridger Canyon road has seen a lot of pedestrian and recreational traffic.Currently, only a small shoulder exists for people who want to get to the trail heads without having to drive. Using a previously passed bond, the city will construct a new pathway from Bozeman that will go to both the "M" and Drinking Horse Trails. The pathway will be fully separated from Bridger Canyon Road and is expected to cost $4 million.The path will be asphalt to allow bikers to also use the path with ease. It will connect into city trails at Story Mill R...
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By Jason Frey
(PureWest, Inc.)
Bozeman Summer Hiking Series - The "M" Trail Bozeman is surrounded by phenomenal access to some truly wonderful recreational opportunities, hiking being one of them.  One of the most recognizable and popular hikes in the Bozeman area is the "M".  The "M" is so named for the large, white "M" that symbolizes Montana State University and can be seen from nearly everywhere in the Gallatin Valley. There are two routes to take up to the namesake, one is quite direct and other quite meandering.  On this day, with a 4 year old and a 2 year old in tow, we opted for the meandering route.  The trailhead was busy, but the trail was uncrowded.  It was a bright clear day and we passed several young families out and about as well as a prominent Bozeman architect and his wife who were enjoying the bea...
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