Bearpath Golf And Country Club (Eden Prairie, MN)
By Cindy Montgomery, Live a well-designed life
(Cindy Montgomery, LLC & Stage by Design, LLC)
Some will say that creating an impact with food is not their style and would rather buy it than make it. For me, cooking and creating is part of my make-up plan. I especially like to cook with you (my guest) in mind. Whether it is for a large crowd or intimate gathering, I have some ideas that may make you rethink how easy it is to entertain with style. The first thing I do after the event and date has been set is work on a guest list and send invites out. Next priority is a menu. Will there be a theme? Such as cultural cooking with a mixture of flavors (Italian, Mexican, French, Asian, American or a fusion of all). Several ideas to this menu will be deciding how you will display the food. Will it be a sit-down casual dinner, a full buffet line, a casual setting of food all around the e...
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I recently had a client call me and ask me about buying a home in BearPath which is associated with BearPath Country club and is a gated community in Eden Prairie Minnesota.  My client asked me about the difference between a normal Eden Prairie Home's value and a BearPath Country Club homes value.  I had watched homes selling in Bearpath for quite a while and based my opinion on past experience. Just off the top, it seemed that being in the Bearpath gated community that a home that would sell for 900,000 in Eden Prairie would sell for 1 million in the gated community sometimes more if staged and marketed correctly.  I also know that being in Bearpath normally makes the high end market i.e. over 1 million dollar homes sell better.  Feel free to visit my site with questions about BearPath...
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